West Yellowstone, ID —  The National Park Service, in conjunction with Bermuda-based vacation destination company BrightStar Adventures Limited has announced the nation’s first “interactive wildlife petting zoo” nestled in West Yellowstone National Park. The joint venture, tentatively called Joe Rogan’s Darwin Adventures, will feature the famous park’s native wildlife and allow participants to interact with the animals without Park Ranger interfering.

In the past few years, the United States Park Service has faced substantial funding cutbacks at the same time as the number of park visitors has skyrocketed. Because of this, park management has focused its resources on visitor safety, like preventing tourists from petting roaming Bison, and less on supervising attractions.

BrightStar saw an opportunity to relieve the pressures on Yellowstone staff and provide a “unique experience to the back-to-nature market segment.”

“We are excited to be working with Mr. Rogan on the design and implementation of the Darwin Adventures,” said project spokeswoman Bethany Millbright of BrightStar Adventures during an early morning conference call. “Park officials have been looking for a way to give tourists a ‘real experience’ while preserving other parts of the park’s ecosystem. For example, people who watch many nature programs on television can have ‘upfront contact’ with nature. They can take selfies with the Elk and pet the wild Bison, just like Native Americans used to do centuries before.”

According to a draft planning document Gish Gallop has obtained, the new attraction will require all Darwin Adventures participants to sign a waiver releasing BrightStar and the National Park Service from any fault resulting from animal injury.

The new feature will be stocked with American Bison, Moose Elk, and the recently re-introduced Grey Wolves. In addition, visitors will be allowed to bring in a light lunch, mobile phones, and one selfie stick per person.

“Yes,” said Ms. Millbright answering a question in the Q&A session at the end of the conference call. “This is a ‘proceed at your risk adventure.’ Once a visitor enters the attraction, they’re basically on their own behind the 25-foot fences. However, following Mr. Rogan’s advice, we’ve installed 17 ‘panic boxes’ in the 18,000+ acre facility where visitors can be rescued via helicopter for a nominal $4300.00 transportation fee. Else, they’re on their own to find their way out.”

The new facility will be located between the park’s western entrance and the famous Old Faithful geyser. Designers of the project said the spot was chosen to reduce traffic congestion on Highway 191, which will allow more tourists to visit the gift shops located around Old Faithful. The new attraction is slated to open this summer, and Mr. Rogan has reserved all media rights for what is assumed to be a unique and still untitled television program.

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