Cedar Ridge, CA — Janet Williams of Cedar Ridge likes to think of herself as a careful grocery shopper. She carefully plans her excursion with organized lists whenever she goes out shopping. She even has the exact amount of time she needs to spend in each store.

“I see all these people in here buying stuff like it’s a shopping spree. They don’t read labels or anything like that,” a concerned Ms. Williams said. “They dump things into their cart and race to the next aisle. I can’t do that. I need to know what’s going in my body.”

On Saturday, Gish Gallop caught up with Ms. Williams at the egg stand on her weekly shopping trip for groceries. Unfortunately, we had to schedule our meeting for exactly 4:45 pm. Nevertheless, she was thoughtfully fondling the eggs, checking for broken ones.

“You see, this is what I’m talking about,” Ms. Williams said as she pointed to a cracked egg. “You’ve got to check each egg carefully. Else you’re just throwing money away. Look at these people simply grabbing cartons of eggs and running off. Amazing.”

According to the American Egg Board:

“Look for shells that are clean and whole. Cracked eggs are continually removed from production, but some may be broken in handling. Don’t use an egg if it’s cracked or leaking.

Proper handling and refrigeration are essential factors in maintaining egg quality. Eggs lose quality very rapidly at room temperature, so buy eggs only from refrigerated cases, get them home quickly and refrigerate them immediately.”

Safeway should put a sign here telling people to check their eggs. Or better, they should be like Raley’s and SPD and check the eggs at the checkout aisle,” she suggested.

Safeway could not be reached over the phone for comment, but in an email, regional manager Reginald Ford said, “We value all of our customers and their feedback. We invite Ms. Williams to contact the store manager if she has any additional concerns.”

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