London, England — The international non-profit journalistic organization Wikileaks released a series of Hillary Clinton campaign emails yesterday that suggest the United States government is working with an alien reptilian force to both control and enslave humanity. The leak, which is a part of the “Podesta emails” obtained by Wikileaks via Russian Hackers, reveals that Vladimir Putin and the Russian government has been actively battling these reptilian forces for over 60 years.

More troubling however according to the emails, is that western democracies have been infiltrated by these extraterrestrial forces and have a plan to enslave humans once they complete control starting with the impeachment following the 2018 midterm elections.

“Those of us who are awake have known this for years,” said North San Juan, CA alien DNA “researcher” Skyy Wolford in a Gish Gallop telephone interview. “They’ve been here for a long time, but it wasn’t until after World War II that they started to take over our governments. Where do you think the United States got its nuclear technology from?”

According to Mr. Wolford, you’re not going to see full-sized reptilians walking around the grocery store as they’ve “cloaked” themselves in thin, outer-human skin.

“They make themselves look like humans, but underneath their fake skin they are ‘Reptos,'” continued Mr. Wolford. “Reptos cannot ever hide from us in this world, I will expose you for what you really are. But please do not mistake them for the dragon or grays that are here also. Remember, the dragons are bad like Clinton and [George] Soros, but the grays are fighting for us. You can see that Podesta is really worried about the grays winning. And Putin and Trump are working with them to kick the Reptos and the dragons off Earth. It’s really a mess.”

The details of this conspiracy to enslave humanity are detailed in an August 2016 Wikileaks Podesta email # 10284 obtained by Gish Gallop. In the email, which is between Center for American Progress‘ Neera Tanden and Podesta discussing the “rising threat” that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin pose to Reptilian plans.

Wikileaks Podesta email number 10284 obtained by Gish Gallop.
Wikileaks Podesta email number 10284 obtained by Gish Gallop.

The Clinton campaign has repeatedly denied any involvement with the Repto/Dragon conspiracy to enslave humanity, but when questioned about former Secretary Clinton’s obsession with UFOs and Extraterrestrial life, media advisor Jim Margolis issued the following statement.

“We should not trust everything we read on the Internet. We should not trust a suspected rapist like Wikileaks’ Julian Assange with anything. There is nothing to suggest that former Secretary Clinton is involved with, nor even believes such fairy tale things as a Reptilian takeover of Earth. As for her fascination with extraterrestrial life and UFOs, what American doesn’t share that curiosity?”

As for Skyy Wolford, he doesn’t like to tell everyone “I told you so,” but in this case, he’s not making any apologies.

“Look, I told everyone about this over and over,” continued an exasperated Mr. Wolford. “And no one listened to me. They told me I was crazy and mentioned something about histrionics and Haldol when I warned people on Facebook. I’m instructing my followers in swing states to vote for Trump.”

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