Stone Mountain, GA — A Georgia-based white supremacist has politely declined an invitation to hold a protest in South Central Los Angeles, CNN is reporting today.

The South Gate-based group Community Action Now or CAN invited the Knights of Stone Mountain to participate in a “free speech” event in nearby Watts, CA. However, after careful consideration, the controversial and outspoken white supremacist group issued a statement on Facebook backing out of the planned event in July.

“The Knights of Stone Mountain have a long tradition of speaking our mind for the rights of the common white man,” announced the group via various social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. “However, we’ve decided not to attend the upcoming event due to a conflict in our calendar.”

The group’s leader, a bearded 56-year-old unemployed welder Jim ‘Bodean’ James, said the move had nothing to do with safety concerns.

“I know what you fake news. Lügenpresse people are thinking. We’re not stupid,” said an obstinate Mr. James speaking over the telephone following the announcement. “We’re sponsoring a church flea market that day and can’t make it. Maybe next time, OK?”

Can Do

CAN has organized the “CAN Do” event to help fringe and marginalized racist groups like the Knights of Stone Mountain “get their message out” in an environment of “understanding, love, and free communication.”

“We wanted to give the Knights a chance to connect with the people of Watts in a way that they haven’t before,” said CAN Director Jayla Zari, disappointed that the hate group declined their invitation. “We wanted to give them a forum where they could speak their minds to the people who are usually their speech targets. It’s an open invitation so that they can come out anytime.”

According to Ms. Zari, CAN plan on going forward with Can Do but says none of the hate groups they invited have accepted their invitations.

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