President Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan have a new plan for America.
President Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan have a new plan for America.

Washington D.C. — The White House is promoting a new ‘faith-based’ health care system that would repeal and replace Barack Obama’s signature health care law with the power of prayer.

The new ‘Single Prayer’ health care proposal “guarantees” lower premiums and coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, even though some medical groups say they aren’t so sure.

Gary Cohn, chairman of President Trump’s economic council, said this new proposal appears to have enough votes to pass. “This is going to be a great week,” Cohn told the AP.

But later in the day, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer appeared to downplay expectations, telling reporters, “We’re not there yet,” but adding that the Trump Administration “has a sure-fire winner on its hands this time.”

During an interview with Face The Nation on Sunday, Trump said: “We’re literally putting the power back in the hands of the American people, where it belongs.”

But while the bill says people with pre-existing conditions will have “access,” it does not address affordability, or the fact that praying for good health may not be the most effective treatment for some more serious ailments.

Last week, the American Medical Association said the Republican protections “may be illusory” and the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network expressed concern that the plan could return the U.S. to a “patchwork system” that drives up insurance cost for the sick.

Asked to explain Trump’s statements, Sean Spicer said, “Obamacare is hurting American families. It’s time to break the slave chains of government and call on the greatest healer mankind has ever known.”


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