Columbus, OH — Controversy swept across the hamburger world as White Castle, considered by many as the most influential burger restaurant of all time, announced that it was changing its name to All Live Castle. The name change, which is a nod to conservative activists who have been lobbying the chain for the past three years, has sparked criticism from across the country.

“We understand this is a big change for our customers, but we feel it’s a necessary step in joining the 21st Century,” said a company spokesperson. “And don’t worry, we’re not changing anything other than the sign. And we think it looks pretty spiffy.”

White Castle was founded in March 1921 in Wichita, Kansas, by Walt Anderson. The chain is known for its inexpensive square hamburger sliders. It serves an American midwest market primarily, although, over the years, the company has expanded into other markets, including international ones. The company is privately held, fiercely private, and does not offer franchise opportunities.

Most customers were supportive of the change.

“Look here. I get why them blacks are frustrated about being beaten,” said Jasper K. Trains speaking regarding the transformation of his local Knoxville, TN restaurant. “But now my Aunt Jemima is going away, and all the liberals are tearing down the statues and whatnot. So, I was shocked and in tears when I came into the parking lot of my White Castle. And there they were. They were changing the sign to a new one. I was excited. I was.”

The change-out is expected to take up to one year, according to company officials.

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