Sandusky, OH — Former IBM remote worker Dale Neer was laid off late last year after his job was “automated-out” by a new cloud-based artificial intelligence engine. Since then, the 52-year-old engineer spent the last six months collecting unemployment and doing a great deal of soul-searching about his job prospects.

“I’m just about out of my unemployment,” said Mr. Neer staring at his coffee table in his Harrison Street home. “I’ve been trying for months to find work, but I think I’m too old now. I’m gonna end up at Cedar Point yelling at people to throw ping-pong balls into fish bowls, I know it.”

According to Mr. Neer, his lack of unemployment has changed his lifestyle.

“Well, you see, that’s the thing. When you don’t have to get up for the 4 am calls with India, guess what? You don’t get up. So I don’t. And then after a while, your mornings start to get later. So now Wednesday afternoon feels like my Mondays used to.”

Mr. Neer isn’t sure if this trend will continue; if, for example, Thursday or even Friday will become his new Monday. But his wife Gail has a point of view on this development.

“I know he’s been looking so hard for a job, but I’m worried that he’s losing his edge, you know? He cooks and cleans the house, which is great, but I’m hoping he finds work soon. It’s a little weird for a grown man to be playing GTA5 at 2 in the morning.”

Dale says that if he can’t work by next week, he’ll consider going back to school or getting a night security guard “or something.”

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