Atlanta, GA — The Weather Channel announced late this week that it would start including hourly, daily, and weekly mass shooting forecasts in their local weather segments they broadcast. The move comes in response to the fact that, as one media liaison for the channel put it, “it’s becoming easier to predict a mass shooting than the weather in the U.S. right now.”

“Over the years, prognostication of weather events has become pretty darned accurate,” Susan McWilliams, Deputy Assistant Media Liaison for the Weather Channel, told reporters at a press conference, “but even with advances in satellite technology, we couldn’t predict a tornado with nearly the amount of accuracy with which we can predict a mass shooting will occur within the United States.”

McWilliams told reporters that the channel wouldn’t have to install special equipment to predict mass shootings.

“As of June 12th, there were 133 mass shootings in 164 days in the year,” McWilliams said, “so it’s not going to even to be so much editing them as reminding people that there will be at least one that day.”

Much like high-wind, flash flood, or tornado advisories, Ms. McWilliams says that the Weather Channel will also start including “Kevlar advisories.” Those, she says, will be saved for when a mass shooting is in progress in a local area, and residents need to be warned to “take proper precautions” before going outside.

“If it’s raining outside, you want to know so you can grab your rain boots and umbrella,” McWilliams stated, “and so it’s not any different with mass shootings. You’re going to want to get your vest and helmet on if you have to run to pick up your kids from school and some misguided patriot has decided to use his semi-automatic firearm in the exact way it was designed to be used, we figure.”

Reached for comment, National Rifle Association Executive-Vice President Wayne LaPierre told the press he was “super-duper happy any time guns are mentioned in any capacity” and that “as long as the American people do not go more than twelve to thirteen hours without having a gun either literally or metaphorically shoved in their face, terrorists and our own tyrannical and duly elected government will never win.”

“Guns,” LaPierre’s statement read, “are for lack of a better word…good.”

The mass shooting forecasts will begin airing next month in select areas and should be fully implemented channel-wide by the end of next year, McWilliams said. In unrelated news, a lot of people in other countries never thought about, much less were forced to deal with, a gun in their lives because their culture isn’t obsessed with the goddamned things.

Republished from The Political Garbage Chute.

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