Waterford Whispers News Mistaken For Nursing Home Newsletter

Waterford Whispers Nursing Home resident Edward Stein is still constipated following the mix-up.

Waterford, Ireland — The Waterford Whispers News is a popular satirical website with stories from a variety of English topics. Recently, the WWN received some angry letters from residents in Waterford Whispers Nursing Home located Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Residents awoke to copies of what they thought would be the normal nursing home newsletter, but instead they found WWN stories. Gish Gallop spoke with traumatized Waterford Whispers Nursing Home resident Edward Stein.

“This is bullshit, I can’t read this boring English crap when I’m trying to use the toilet, it made me constipated,” he exclaimed.

Greta Drew, the social activities coordinator for the home was beside herself.

“I cannot believe this happened,” she cried. “Who would do such a thing? English humour is worse than death. I mean, it’s nothing like Mel Brooks. That’s funny. Endless stories about Jamie Oliver? How’s that remotely funny?” After taking a few deep breaths, she continued. “I’m not sure who did this, it is nothing short of cruel. These people are dying, they just wasted more of this time reading this garbage. Who the hell cares how a loser likes his steak?”

The nursing home is doing an internal investigation to determine who the culprit is. They are also preparing for a barrage of cruelty to elder lawsuits that are being filed.

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