Waterford Whispers News has been accused of plagiarism.
Waterford Whispers News has been accused of plagiarism.

Waterford, Ireland — A new accusation coming from 92-year-old  newspaper Nevada County Gish Gallop claims the popular Irish satire site Waterford Whispers News has been caught in a plagiarism scandal.

Gish Gallop has revealed that Waterford founder Roison Agnew has been plagiarizing for years on almost every story written by their team of writers. Even their popular “Lidl Stampede” story is filled with plagiarism.

Nevada County Gish Gallop publisher Randall Finklestein released a statement regarding the accusations.

“Waterford Whispers News should be ashamed of themselves, as they have been shamelessly plagiarizing the Webster’s Dictionary for years. And it’s an American dictionary, no less. You’d think they would have picked the Oxford English Dictionary or Samuel Johnson’s old tome. At least Johnson had the good sense to pick on the Scots. Do the Irish even have a dictionary? I suppose the answer to that would satisfy many of our questions.”

Waterford Whispers has been tight lipped about the accusations. As of  this writing, they have not responded to the shocking allegation of plagiarizing the popular Dictionary.

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