A local water utility is under fire from area anti-fluoridation activists.
A local water utility is under fire from area anti-fluoridation activists.

Nevada County, CA — A published proposal to fluoridate water by a local utility has come under fire by area activists who claim that adding the chemical to water is toxic and part of a conspiracy to reduce people’s critical thinking skills. The Nevada Irrigation District or NID announced plans to conduct a fiscal and efficacy study on adding fluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6) to municipal water supplies given the striking increase in tooth decay in Nevada County.

The CDC says that fluoridation below 1 part per million are safe and very effective. Kerry Maguire, of the Forsyth Institute, an independent not-for-profit research institute in the United States specializing on oral health and its connection to overall wellness, agrees with the CDC.

“For the children I treat, fluoridated drinking water translates into fewer cavities requiring a trip to the dentist and more time in school,” she said. “As a dentist and scientist as well as a mother and grandmother I welcome the CDC’s affirmation of the safety and effectiveness of community water fluoridation.”

However area activist Skyy Wolford maintains that the non-consensual “mass medicating” of the population is not only unethical and dangerous, but is part of a larger more sinister plan to subdue the American populations.

“There’s this thing that most sheeple people don’t know about,” said Skyy Wolford in a phone call from an undisclosed North San Juan, CA location. “It’s the pineal gland in our forehead. People have referred to our third eye of consciousness. It’s what allows us to see what’s really real. What’s really going on. It’s obvious that government elites are using fluoridation to calcify our third eye. And once we’re all immobilized, we’re like sheep to the slaughter when the UN invades.”

Mr. Wolford has no formal scientific training. He spent one semester Sierra Community College in Grass Valley, CA studying psychology before deciding that “school wasn’t right for him.” He is also a vocal critic of the global chemtrail conspiracy to poison our skies, and frequently lobbies his neighbors to do something about the pending Fukushima radiation disaster which is threatening his land-locked North San Juan home. When asked to provide evidence to support his claims, Mr. Wolford bristled.

“Look, do some research,” continued an agitated and mood-elevated Mr. Wolford. “Google it. It’s on Youtube. I’m not here to be your researcher. Think for yourself not what the shill government agents want you to think.”

Although the fluoridation proposal was just that, a proposal published on the Utility’s Website, it is unclear if the Nevada Irrigation District will pursue the study.

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