Daffy Duck seen here dismayed by Wile E Coyote's actions.
Daffy Duck seen here dismayed by Wile E Coyote’s actions.

Burbank, CA — Warner Bros® Looney Toonâ„¢ characters are protesting a controversial open carry rule. This rule would allow for open carry of anvils and other Acme® weapons. Protest spokesperson, Daffy Duck granted an interview to Gish Gallop.

He said, “This is despicable, do you know how many hours of therapy I have undergone?” He rhetorically asked. “I can’t walk out of my house without staring at the sky!” Daffy noted that the open carry rule would result in more anvil drops and Rocket skate incidents. “How many ‘toons must be terrorized before we come to our senses?”

Main sponsor of the bill, Senator Wile E. Coyote, who is now under investigation for campaign finance fraud from money donated by the Acme Corporation, expressed his joy at the outcome.

The Famous Acme Anvil
The famous Acme Anvil

“It has been a long time coming. Acme anvils have been part of our Toon heritage since the beginning. We can finally walk the streets and feel confident in our safety.”

The vote was not without controversy. Senator Porky Pig was unable to vote due to injuries sustained in a car accident. Senator Pig hit a wall that had been painted to resemble a tunnel. Police are investigating the matter. Pig, a long time opponent of open carry, was expected to be the deciding vote. The measure passed 49-48.

Warner Brothers released a statement after the vote. “Our campus and studios will continue to be an anvil free area.”

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