A new White House leak reveals the contents of Vice President Pence's iPod.
A new White House leak reveals the contents of Vice President Pence’s iPod.

Washington, D.C. — As numerous insider leaks continue to haunt the Trump Administration, one leak until now has gone unnoticed. Yesterday on page A-12 of the Washington Post noted the contents of Vice President Mike Pence’s iPod. The iPod leak, which is now being called iPodGate, came from a White House insider apparently in retaliation for the recent and hasty mass-firings of up to 45 Justice Department officials.

According to the WaPo story, Vice President Pence spends his idle humming songs from the late 1970s band the Village People, with their hit YMCA clocking in over 768 listens by the second most powerful man on Earth. Also on the top of his play-lists include songs from the Christian Heavy Metal band Stryper, Cher, Wham, and the popular 1990s ‘boy band’ NSYNC.

“Apparently the Vice President has an infinity for um–how shall I say it–flashy music,” said University of Chicago Professor and director of the Badwater Institute of Public Policy Professor James Badwater. “I went to school with him back in the 1980s. We were dorm-mates. I’m glad to see his taste in music hasn’t changed that much. I mean, there was more Wham! back then and less Cher, but that’s seemed to have changed.”

The Washington Post is also reporting that along with 70s-disco staples like Macho Man and In the Navy, Vice President Pence is a huge Justin Timberlake fan, and that he never misses his appearances on Saturday Night Live. According to Allmusic.com music critic Adrian Knowitsnot, the fact that Stryper is on his iPod, demonstrates that the Vice President “knows how to rock.”

“He’s a huge boy band fan,” reported the Washington Post’s leaker. “But he really has the hots for Justin. He just likes the name, which explains why he was so titillated when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the United States last month. Word is he tried to get him to sing NSYNC songs, but the Canadian leader politely declined to do so.”

There is no word on Vice President Pence’s favorite movies.

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