Redding, CA — Members of the Northern California chapter of the Chemtrail Action Network or CAN have spotted what appears to be a “forward” chemtrail plane coming in for a landing at an area Air Force base. According to CAN Redding Bureau spokesperson Bethany Millbright, this was the first of 14 aircraft coming in to make a landing.

“They’re obviously dumping their remaining loads before they land,” said Ms. Millbright, speaking to Gish Gallop late this afternoon. “The person who shot this video put herself at great risk to bring us this video. And as you can see, it’s damning to the globalists who are trying to control our skies. Chemtrails are killing us.”

Many contend that chemtrails are a hoax conspiracy concocted for the laughs. However, others think they are authentic and, despite our overall longer lifespans, killing us. Dead.

According to Ms. Millbright, CAN shot the footage sometime in the early evening last night. The person responsible for the video was flying in a private plane, partaking in a Father’s Day flight with the family.

“She said there were many that followed, but this was the only one she could capture as there was a fighter jet scrambled to intercept them,” continued Ms. Millbright. “The jet made several passes around them, and it was after the 4th pass that the pilot decided it would be best if they headed back to Redding Municipal Airport.”

There are no additional photos nor videos from this event.

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