Malibu, CA — Jeremy James, an up and coming Hollywood actor, has published a video [below] that seems to show that Directed Energy Weapons or DEWs have been used in the recent Malibu, CA fires.

Directed-energy weapons are “ranged” weapon systems that inflict damage at a target by emission of highly focused energy, including laser, microwaves, and particle beams. Potential applications of this technology include anti-personnel weapon systems, missile defense systems, and the disabling of lightly armored vehicles or mounted optical devices. According to many conspiracy experts, they’re used to start forest fires in attempts to reduce and control the planet’s population.

“After the smoke cleared,” said a distraught Mr. James, “I decided to head down to the beach to check out the damage. Well, it was a lot worse than I expected. And bizarre too. It looks like a war zone. there were burnt cars all over the place and aircraft too? Why the hell was there a helicopter on the beach torched to a crisp. None of it made any sense. They were miles from the blaze.”

“The two basic types of DEWs include lasers and microwaves,” said DEW expert Kyle Baker of Fresno, CA.  “Some are microwaves and some are lasers, much like cat toys. Both that is two, are a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. They’re the two types of weapons, made of the same electromagnetic energy, which consists of light and radio waves. The government and their interests tell the public that these two weapons are used for crowd control and “non-lethal” police operations. But over the past few years, along with controlled geoengineering operations across the globe, these two DEWs have been increasingly used for population control by reducing habitable land with forest fires. They can also cause nasty sunburns.”

Experts familiar with the technology recommend staying indoors with the air conditioning on to avoid the effects of DEWs. If one must go outside, wear a surgical mask and plenty of sunscreen.

Governor Gavin Newsom has repeatedly denied using such technologies to, as his critics claim, “thin out the forests,” but many still don’t believe the two-term governor, whom they’ve nicknamed “Moonbeam.” He has expressed interest in using “whatever technologies are available” to help “stem the scourge of population growth.”

Below is the harrowing video shot by Mr. James from his car earlier this morning. Mr. James has not returned our phone calls and his voice mailbox is being marked as full. Friends close to the actor are concerned about his whereabouts.

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