Glenbrook Basin regular Gene "Mr. Green Jeans" Holman doesn't want to sounds "ingrate," however he found the VeganAid food program too complicated.
Glenbrook Basin regular Gene “Mr. Green Jeans” Holman doesn’t want to sounds “ingrate,” however he found the VeganAid food program too complicated.

North San Juan Ridge, CA — The VeganAid Foundation, an area 501c3 non-profit social organization which promotes environmental and human social justice, has launched an investigation into why their ‘Meals for Homeless’ program has been a massive failure. The organization, which was founded by Ananda Bishwar-Smith in 2009, recently started serving vegan meals to the area homeless population with little success.

“We started VeganAid to help get the word out about the vast devastation caused by an animal-based lifestyle,” said Mr. Bishwar-Smith from his home in the Ananda Village, which is a cooperative spiritual community dedicated to the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda located in Nevada County’s North San Juan Ridge. “And this year, we extended our outreach to the area’s homeless population. And we troubled by its lack of adoption.”

According to several homeless in the area, they were confused by selection and probably would have taken part of the VeganAid program if it wasn’t so complicated.

“I don’t wants to sounds ingrate, you know,” said Glenbrook Basin regular Gene “Mr. Green Jeans” Holman, “but I had no idea what to do. There were all these steps. Like this [Mr. Holman pointed to a flyer provided by VeganAid]. It says here ‘Paramhansa Yogananda’s Nine-Day Cleansing and Revitalizing Diet.’ I mean what’s a grapefruit cleanse? Can’t I just eat the grapefruit? And this one calls for a 1/2 quart of dandelions. Excuse me, and again I don’t wants to sounds ingrate or anything, but I can get those on the WestAmerica Bank lawn.”

As for Mr. Bishwar-Smith, he’s not giving up on VeganAid’s mission.

“The wisdom of the vegan diet is for everyone,” continued Mr. Bishwar-Smith. “A vegan diet is not just for the elites of the first world, and not just the enlightened. In fact, in many parts of the world, a vegan diet is how they eat everyday. So we’re not giving up on the area’s homeless. Not by a long shot. We probably just need to reconsider the more dogmatic parts of our program.”

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