Pershing County, Nevada – Organizers for the annual Burning Man event are announcing a surprise move by Pershing county officials, even for Pershing county officials. The new rule set forth would require all attendees and vendors of the Burning Man festival in Black Rock, Nevada to be properly vaccinated and possibly even show proof of such.

Event organizer Max Jensen says that this is just one more move in a long list of ways in which county officials and local law enforcement have been using questionable tactics to harass and bully festival attendees.

These Burning Man participants – or “Burners” as they like to be called – have been subject to this unfair treatment as long as this event has been going on, states Max, “from the illegal traffic stops to the unconsented searches of vehicles, this is just one more instance in a long line of harassment.”

In this particular instance, Pershing county is referring to the use of an old, outdated law that requires vaccinations of all participants attending summer camps. Pershing County officials go on to state that the law in question is not that old at all, but was initially designed for children, but since there is no age limit, it applies to everyone.

“Any event in which a person/organizer uses undeveloped land and set up temporary removable housing, and all said housing/living is designed to last less than 30 days it falls under the qualifications of a summer camp.” Therefore all vaccination records of these attendees must be up-to-date and correct.

“This could completely ruin this Festival from now on. Can you imagine the logistics of trying to implement something so huge and unnecessary? It just can’t be done! They’re just trying to shut us down, have been for years,” whined Max.

The annual event has been taking place since 1986 and has been a Black Rock Desert tradition since 1990. It is a self-proclaimed Festival that celebrates art, love, peace, “radical” inclusion and self-expression, but all too often gets remembered by the “weird” people that attend the blatant public drug use or the huge mess that’s left behind for Pershing County officials to clean up.

Love it or hate it the Party on the Playa has been a Nevada tradition like no other in the world. What are your thoughts?


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