Phoenix, AZ — The Veterans Administration or the VA takes care of the medical needs of millions of veterans each year, many who have sustained injuries in combat. At a time when budgets are shrinking, VA costs are adding up at alarming rates.

Dr. Samantha Vargas, a VA executive board member, has looked at creative ways to cut costs and cut the number of veterans dependent on the system. Dr. Vargas, with President Trump’s blessing, decided to create death squads to Euthanize veterans to avoid paying for their treatment.

President Trump and Dr. Vargas released a joint statement.

“Our veterans are our countries pride and joy. It is up to us to care for them when they return home. When the cost of treating the wounded becomes cost-prohibitive, we have to come up with alternative means of treatment. We cannot just let them suffer, so we are going to euthanize those who we cannot treat humanely. Look at it this way, and we are giving them a 2nd chance to die for their country”.

One such veteran, who has been on the run and who also wishes to remain anonymous, spoke to Gish Gallop.

“It is ridiculous, I fought my heart out, and this is how I get repaid. I only had the goddamn flu!”

Gish Gallop has learned that the Democrats are considering this treatment method, and insiders say they plan to enact it in his medicare reform efforts via executive order once one of them is elected President. As one might expect, Veterans across the country are no longer seeking services from the VA.

Although the program has received full support from many Congressional Democrats and some Republicans, many critics of the program have been critical of it. According to Dr. Vargas, although the program is just in the trial phase, the savings have far exceeded their expectations.

“Our program has been wildly successful. Our costs are down 60%!” A shot could be heard in the background. “We are not giving flu vaccines anymore, either.”

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