Moscow, Russia — Vladimir Putin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, stopped by for an interview with host George Stephanopoulos during ABC’s Good Morning America television show. Mr. Stephanopoulos immediately addressed the claim that Putin and the Russian Government interfered and attempted to affect the outcome of the 2016 United States election. This of course, comes on the heals of Putin’s defiant (in English) assertion yesterday that neither he nor the government played a role. “Read my lips, no,” said Putin during an interview.

“It was nothing else but slander,” said Peskov on the allegations of Russian meddling. “All that fake news read Mr. Putin’s lips.”

“You’ve said yourself that it’s natural Putin would prefer Trump. Why?” asked Stephanopoulos.

Peskov then went into a lengthy description of how it was only natural that Putin would want to work with international  figures more favorably disposed to Russian interests.

“It’s not about preferring,” he said. “It’s about whose ideas are more close to you.”

Peskov also expressed complete confidence that any future testimony from former National Security Advisor, (Ret.) Lt. Gen Michael Flynn, would reveal nothing.

When Stephanopoulos suggested that relations between the two nations could be approaching a new Cold War, Peskov did him one better.

“New Cold War? Well, maybe even worse,” he suggested. “Maybe even worse taking into account actions of the present presidential administration in Washington.”

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