New York, NY — Late last week, Fox News personality Tucker Carson expressed his concern about a new advertisement program featuring an adult incontinence product from the people at MyPillow. The MyPillow Freedom Diaper began advertising on Tucker’s number one rated cable news program early last week, without the approval of the host. The advertisement was abruptly pulled by Thursday.

According to multiple reports as other advertisers have fled Tucker Carlson’s nightly show, uncreatively called Tucker Carlson Tonight, the MyPillow ad “spend” has skyrocketed. In the past weeks since George Floyd’s murder at the hands of the Minneapolis police, sponsors have fled Tucker’s show citing several questionable racist comments. The MyPillow line of products now makes up over 1/3 of the revenue for the top-rated show.

“It seems Tucker fans like those pillows,” said Professor James Badwater of the University of Chicago’s Badwater Institute for Advertising Science and Pet Care. “It’s quite incredible that one sponsor is spending so much money on one show. It almost feels like a Trump campaign donation.”

This isn’t the first time MyPillow has been in hot water. Last year, the State of California sued the company for over $100,000 claiming false advertising, a battle that the Minnesota-based company lost in court. The lawsuit alleged that a sleep study mentioned in its advertising “was neither a competent nor reliable basis for any of the advertising claims made about it, rendering all such advertisements false and misleading.”

For his part, Mr. Carlson took to the airwaves on Thursday night to explain the ad removal.

“We think the MyPillow brand of products represents all that is great about America, but this latest product goes a bit too far. I’ve personally spoken with the company, and they agreed to remove it. I hope this ends the controversy.”

The reaction on social media was swift but confused and mixed, with many praising Tucker for “being strong against the ‘Libs'” but also expressing concern that he was, once again, bending to “Left-wing communists forces trying to destroy America.”

“I respect Tucker a lot,” said Lelie Fahrenheit of Reno, Nevada, and the founder of the non-profit Fuck You, You Libtard Commie Democrat, an anti-vaxxer group that encourages “re-education camps” for “leftists.” “But he’s giving in again to them socialist commie fascists on the Left. MyPillow is the product of great Americans and not ANTIFA scum.”

Others were more pragmatic about the decisions.

“Look, I don’t see the problem with the MyPillow folks. I mean, I don’t need adult diapers, but I’m going to buy a few cases just to support the MyPillow people,” posted Scottsdale, Arizona resident James L. McCracker, who is currently recovering from the coronavirus. “You know, real Americans. I figure Tucker knows what he’s doing, you know? Think about it: by canceling this ad, he’s made them even more famous. Now that’s some 4D chess if you ask me.”

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