The statue will serve a "holy" dual purpose
The statue will serve a “holy” dual purpose

San Diego, CA — Droves of Trump supporters gathered at the American/Mexican border Saturday to show support for the creation of a statue in response to the recent statuary tear-downs that have been swarming across America in the passing weeks. This grassroots movement is swelling with MAGA hats and picket signs saying things such as: “Not Your Country”, “Blood and Soil”, and “You Mexican’t Live Here”.

The leader of the movement, Robert Jossman claims that the statue will serve a “holy” dual purpose. One is that a statue of the border wall will stand as a testament to Donald Trump’s strengths in regards to foreign policy during these racially tense times, and simultaneously it will end up being the border wall that Trump is finding frustration in attempting to have funded.

We asked Jossman over Facebook Messenger during the live-stream if he believes that a statue is really appropriate right now when so many are being removed from the public.

“Those LibDems are nuts. I don’t know the difference between a wall and a statue when the statue is the wall, you get me? We the people are going to get this done, as our beloved president is too busy fighting ISIS and cultural Marxists in our own country that it has to be up to us to build the border wall for him. If we frame it like a public statue then maybe people would feel justified in helping pay for its construction.” said Jossman while lighting up a Natural American Spirit brand cigarette, looking very justified in himself before he ran back to his makeshift podium in front of the current border wall to continue his rantings.

We asked around the comments in the live-stream what they thought about Mexico in general and why they want a statue of a restrictive border wall when Trump couldn’t pay for it on his own.

Cheri Masterson from Lafayette, Georgia said, “Ah there ain’t nothing wrong with them Mexicans in my opinion. I love Doritos! I just want our economy to work again.”

Bill Plumb from Elk City, Oklahoma stated, “I’m a building contractor where I’m from. I actually came here as a counter-protest at first because I like using illegals for cheap labor but then when I saw all the funny signs and actually listened to what Rob [Jossman] up there has to say about the Hispanics all of the thoughts I had about ’em have to be true if everyone else is sayin’ it. I might lose my illegal alien laborers, but with Trump being president the high school dropout rate is sure to go up and I’ll be able to hire a bunch of dumb kids instead!”

The rally ended in peace, with no “Anti-fa” interference. Attendees were strapped to the gills with firearms just in case they did show up and one person was injured due to a self-inflicted firework accident.

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