Donald Trump will use his Twitter account to speak directly to the people.
Donald Trump will use his Twitter account to speak directly to the people.

New York, NY — President Donald Trump announced today that he plans on conducting all communications directly via Twitter instead of the traditional press conference. Along with this announcement, according to transition team spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway, there will be a reduced need for the Press Secretary services, hinting that Mr. Trump is considering getting rid of the department all-together.

“You have to understand that President Trump won this election by speaking directly to the American people,” said Ms. Conway speaking with Anderson Cooper last night on CNN. “And why get rid of a good thing? The Press continually distorts and misrepresents what Mr. Trump says, so we believe that communicating directly via Twitter and other Social Media outlets will allow him to preserve his message.”

This announcement, which historians say is highly unorthodox and breaks a tradition arguably going back to the Abraham Lincoln administration, is designed to allow Mr. Trump to become in the words of Ms. Conway, “the people’s president.” However after several controversial and unpolished late-night tweets by the president-elect, some wonder if this is an appropriate medium for the most powerful office in the world.

This is Not Normal

“This is highly unusual,” said University of Chicago Professor James Badwater speaking from the Badwater Institute of Public Policy, “I mean, one of the reasons for having a Press Secretary isn’t the job as much, but rather having ‘buffer room’ between meetings and what-nots. It’s kind of the exact opposite of the unpolished and immediate medium of social media.”

According to Ms. Conway, Mr. Trump’s social media access will be monitored by White House personnel, but there will be that occasion when he will sneak his phone for a 3am Tweet.

“Look, there’s no way we’re going to be able to keep his phone away from him 24/7,” continued Ms. Conway,” President Trump is going to be President Trump. And if he feels strongly about something, he’s going to get his way. But America and the rest of the world just need to get used to this new form of communication. Ultimately I think it will be good for our Democracy.”

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