Donald Trump annoucing his new 2016 Campaign Biopic My Struggle.
Donald Trump announcing his new 2016 Campaign Biopic My Struggle.

New York, NY — The president-elect Donald J. Trump organization announced yesterday that the controversial Republican is planning on releasing an updated biopic of the 2016 election season entitled My Struggle. According to Random House, the book publisher promoting the book, My Struggle will be released in select markets mid-December in time for the Christmas shopping season, and to a larger audience prior to the January inauguration.

“We are extremely excited about My Struggle,” said Random House communication director Bethany Millbright from the company’s New York City headquarters. “When former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski pitched the idea to us in 2015, we didn’t think it would work because frankly, no one here thought Mr. Trump had a chance. But as the primary season continued, it became clear that he was in the driver’s seat. Fortunately  the Trump campaign continued to work on this biography behind the scenes. It just goes to show how confident they were about winning.”

According to pre-release version of the book provided by Random House, the biopic is divided into two main sections: “Part 1, A Reckoning” and “Part 2, Make America Great Again.” The first section contains background information about Donald Trump, and highlights events and influences that led him to seek the nation’s highest office. With chapters including “In the House of my parents” and “The Beginning of my Political Activity,” section 1 promises readers a deep insight into Mr. Trump’s philosophy of family, war, the importance of ‘proper’ propaganda and of course, how to empower America’s working classes.

Section 2 is more controversial, but provides some insight into what a President Donald Trump administration might look like. In this part of the book, Mr. Trump outlines his new vision for the political party system, how the current two-party one has betrayed the hard-working men and women of the United States. In one of his more controversial chapters entitled “The Strong American is the Mightiest Alone,” he discusses the only way to make America great again, is to empower “the forgotten man” in the past 30 years, which is an allusion to the 2008 book of the same name by conservative writer Amity Shales who heavily criticized FDR’s New Deal politics as amplifying, not hindering the Great Depression.

This would be the first time in modern history that a President-elect is releasing a book prior to inauguration. The only other President to author a book during his campaign was Founding Father James Madison who published his memoirs about his life entitled Keep Thy Hands off Liberty, which is now seen now as an allegory about both the struggles of the young nation and more controversially, Madison’s anger over Benjamin Franklin’s philandering of his wife Dolly Madison during the first Constitutional Convention in 1787.

My Struggle will be available from online retailers like on December 12th.

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