Washington, D.C. — President Trump took matters into his own hands earlier this week when he tempted fate by attending a show at Ford’s Theater on 10th Street. According to White House aides, Mr. Trump was lured there with his wife Melania on the promises of “a great tribute to the greatest President who ever lived.”

“I was told it would be a play about me,” said Mr. Trump speaking with reporters on this way to see the show, “so I’m very much looking forward to it.”

The play, Ten Days That Shook America, is a review of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination and not about Mr. Trump. However, this didn’t stop the President’s critics from discussing the obvious peril of visiting Ford’s Theater. Ford’s Theatre is a theater located in Washington, D.C. It is famous for being the site of the assassination of United States President Abraham Lincoln.

“President Trump’s mean job approval rating is one of the lowest in modern history, “said Vanity Fair’s political beat reporter Camen Brontle. “My mother always told never to invite irony into your life, at least not deliberately. It appears that the President’s ego got the best of him. And I have to say. This is how history is unintentionally made.”

When Mr. Trump arrived, the secret service swept the Theater, as they typically do, for any security issues.  Then he and Melania took their seats, again not sensing the irony, in the right balcony. The President was overheard anticipating the show.

“He was going on about this better be an accurate portrayal of his presidency or something like this,” said balcony porter Jimmie Cantor who was assigned to fetch refreshments for the President. “He was ranting at Melania how no one gets his greatness. Then he asked me for a Big Mac, and I told him we didn’t have those here.”

As the play began, and it became apparent that the story was about Lincoln and not him, Mr. Trump became visibly agitated and started looking around the theater as if wanting to complain.

“He started shifting in his seat, and one point raised his hand,” continued Mr. Cantor. “I started to approach him but was told by a Secret Service agent not to. Then Melania leaned over and whispered something in his ear that made him grimace. But he put his hand down after that.”

After the play concluded, both the president and Ms. Trump exited the theater, with the President looking annoyed, according to more than one bystander.

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