Donald Trump liquidates National Enquirer assets.
Donald Trump liquidates National Enquirer assets. Source February 29th, 2016 edition.

New York, NY — According to sources close to the tabloid newspaper the National Enquirer, Donald Trump has divested himself of all interests and shares in the notorious publication. Although it’s not clear how many actual assets he owned, insiders say he controlled a “significantly large portion of equity” within the firm, which allowed him editorial sway over certain articles.

“This is another example of  the blurry line between our media and our government,” said University of Chicago Professor James Badwater speaking from the Badwater Institute for Public Progress. “It’s no different than him staying on as executive producer of his television show. It’s in the interest of NBC for him to do well so his shows make a profit. Look what he did with the Enquirer during the election.”

In the past, The National Enquirer has been accused of being “in a love affair with Donald Trump,” as Bloomberg Media reported earlier this year.

“Our readers have a great affection and fondness for Donald Trump,” editor-in-chief Dylan Howard said in a recent Bloomberg interview. “It’s a readership that is disenfranchised. They do not like the political establishment. They see Donald Trump as someone who will champion their cause, just like the National Enquirer has championed their cause for many decades.”

Earlier this year, when surgeon Ben Carson surged in the polls, a series of unflattering articles suddenly appeared in the National Enquirer pages. One such article claimed that Dr. Carson was a “bungling surgeon” with no evidence to back that claim. Donald Trump has denied any editorial influence during the election season, however the tabloid featured several glowing articles with such headlines as “The Donald Trump Nobody Knows!” and “What They’re Hiding.” The latter a reference to Mr. Trump’s primary challengers.

It is unclear what Mr. Trump will do with the sale of his shares, but industry insiders say the money will go back into his businesses.

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