Washington, DC — After President Trump returned from his Californa visit, an open microphone caught him commenting to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the burning California forests were “asking for it.”

“The trees, they’re all so pretty out there in California and in the, uh, the states above that,” said Mr. Trump, not realizing the microphone was on. “Beautiful states such as Iowa–Idaho I mean–and Oregon and the one that borders the northern country. I think because of that, too many people want too much from them. They make it too easy to want them. And some people smoke, folks. And when you’re famous, they just let you.”

A few moments later, he began to laugh.

“I mean, you know, they’re asking for it. The trees,” continued Trump to a non-plussed Netanyahu who managed a wry grin. “They’re not taking care of their trees, and they’re just exploding. I’ve seen in on the news. You should see it. It’s kinda terrific, let me tell you.”
An open mic caught the President speaking about trees.

Later during a scheduled press conference, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany attempted to correct the record.

“What the President was talking about was forest mismanagement, which could lead to exploding trees. The President is very concerned about exploding trees and was asking Prime Minister Netanyahu for advice. Because that’s how this President operates, he’s a team player.”

Ms. McEnany also went on to say that President Trump is working with the nation’s best engineers on a new forest raking system.

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