Trump to Honor Russia at White House

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump would be open to flying the Russian flag over the White House.
President-elect Donald Trump would be open to flying the Russian flag over the White House.

New York, NY — In a recent interview, President Donald Trump discussed the possibility of hoisting the Russian flag over the White House as one of the first actions in January.

“I think it’s a good move. Vladimir Putin is a great guy and Russia is our ally. They’re a strong country. A strong country. America will be strong too.”

When asked if such a move would be appropriate, Trump stipulated that the American flag would always be above the Russian flag.

“We honor the troops,” he explained. “We would never put Russia’s flag over the American flag.”

The proposal met with mixed reactions, with many Trump supporters confused.

“I thought Russia was the enemy,” said Jimmy Deen of Burbank, California. “Wasn’t Russia our enemy? I don’t know how this honors the troops.”

Janine Lindemulder, a housewife from Orange County, California, was confused but still voted for Trump.

“I don’t know anything about international stuff, I just know Hillary is a liar and should be in jail.”

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