London — President Donald Trump proclaimed that the United States government “is a complete failure.” The highly unusual statement on foreign soil seemed not to recognize that Trump is the head of the government.

The statement came after a rather heated meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, where he attempted some mistimed and inappropriate humor regarding ISIS terrorist fighters. Miffed, Mr. Trump made his hasty statements following the meeting.

“America is doing well in so many ways. But there’s such divisiveness because of the liberals,” said Trump straining to gather his words. “It’s like President Reagan said so many years ago, the US Government is a complete failure. If everyone just did what I said, everything would be so much better.”

The press, which was assembled hastily outside Buckingham Palace, shouted several questions at Trump, trying to get him to clarify what he meant.

“It’s easy to understand,” shouted Trump forgetting he was not standing in front of a loud helicopter. “But not for you fake news types.”

During President Reagan’s 1981 first inaugural address, he glibly announced that “Government is not the solution to our problem[s], government is the problem.” Mr. Trump partially remembered Reagan’s aphorism and misappropriated it during a moment of stress.

“That’s how the President is,” said Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham. “He says what he’s thinking. And he means what he says. And it’s hard not to believe it given our current situation.”

It’s unclear if the President was aware of his ironic comments.

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