Donald Trump has offered Hillary Clinton her pick of cabinet posts.
Donald Trump has offered Hillary Clinton her pick of cabinet posts.

Houston, TX — Donald Trump, in an amazing act of bravado, offered Hillary Clinton her choice of cabinet posts once he wins the race to the White House.

While some people around the country found Trump’s comments to be in bad taste, in that he hasn’t even secured the GOP nomination yet, Ms. Clinton was said to have been honored and excited by the prospects of being in a win-win situation.

“After the South Carolina primary, I feel pretty confident that I will be able to defeat that old muppet, Bernie Sanders, and secure the Donkey nomination,” Ms. Clinton told Gish Gallop. “I am worried about facing Mr. Trump, a non establishment candidate, in a general election. In Trump, I see so many parallels to my loss of the Donkey nomination to that Kenyan guy in 2008. Mr. Trump’s offer puts me in a can’t lose situation.”

When Gish Gallop contacted Donald Trump to clarify his unbelievable offer directed toward Ms. Clinton, Mr. Trump told us, “It seems that there may have been a slight misunderstanding in regards to my offer of a cabinet spot to Hillary. I wanted her to know that, once I am elected president, I would have cabinet spots available for her and she would be free to choose between a spot in my liquor cabinet, between the vodka and the rum, or a spot in my medicine cabinet, between my hair product and my toenail fungus cream. I’m not sure how that warthog got the impression that I might care about implementing any of her commie ideologies in my administration.”

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