Vice President Pence seen here attempting to impress Mr. Trump with his risky costume.
Vice President Pence seen here attempting to impress Mr. Trump with his risky costume.

Washington D.C. — According to leaks from within the West Wing of the White House, President Trump was visibly displeased with Vice President Pence’s choice of Halloween costume. Reports emerged claiming that the President slipped into a fit of rage when seeing Pence dressed up as a urinal, complete with a “deodorizing donut.”

The Vice President has considered several options for Halloween, including dressing up as his hero Michael Sweet, the lead singer for Christian Heavy Metal band Stryper. There were also rumors that the United States’ second man in charge was considering being a plunger when, at the last minute, he chose the urinal.

“When the Vice President entered the White House on Halloween morning,” said junior staffer Bethany Millbright speaking on condition of anonymity. “We were strutting around with this weird beaming grin saying all kinds of inappropriate things like, ‘do you need to go?’ and ‘want a donut?’ It was peculiar. And as soon as he entered the Oval Office, the President started screaming.”

Later in the afternoon, during a scheduled campaign stop in Georgia, Pence refused to take off his costume. When he took the stage to praise controversial Governor Brian Kemp, who has recently come under fire for removing almost 1 million minority citizens from the voting rolls as Secretary of State, there was a noticeable gasp followed by several minutes of silence.

“I can see that you’re used to seeing such a popular man as myself having a bit of fun,” said the Vice President as he adjusted his heavy porcelain costume. “The folks in the great State of Wisconsin had the same reaction last week. But let me tell you, I know how to parrrr—tay better than any Hollywood Liberal.”

The crowd politely clapped while several audience members loudly cleared their throats.

Mr. Pence’s spokesperson said that the Vice President plans on dressing up as Donald Trump next year in hopes of gaining his favor.

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