Palm Beach, COVIDland — After calling Afghanistan’s Taliban “great negotiators earlier this week, Donald Trump invited the rogue terrorist group to his elite Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida. A spokesperson for the former president called it a “victory lap” for Trump’s plan to evacuate the war-torn country.

“Taliban, great negotiators, tough fighters,” he told the rally in Cullman, Alabama. “And I like winners and fighters. Unlike Biden, who’s failed on the pandemic and he’s now overseeing the greatest foreign policy humiliation in the history of the United States of America.”

Information about the invitation leaked this past weekend when it appeared that the Biden Administration lost the Afghanistan evacuation publicity war. According to Mar-a-Lago longtime resident Gordon Cargill, the former President was looking to “score points” with his supporters, a former real estate magnate, and KFC franchise owner.

“It’s no secret that Mr. Trump has been sagging in the polls,” said Mr. Cargill speaking with One America News Network earlier this week, “and he’s been looking at ways to land some punches if you know what I mean. So when the opportunity came for him to bet against America, while looking like he was pro-America, he did what he always has done. He seized it.”

Later, during an interview with CNN, Mr. Cargill was asked why he was speaking out, the 76-year-old grew annoyed.

“It’s not a secret. This is how you win out in the open. That’s what his supporters love about him. He doesn’t hide anything.”

According to Trump spokesperson and self-proclaimed ‘Sloppy Joe lover,” Jason Miller, the former president, has been planning “something like this for weeks.”

“Ever since President Trump brilliantly negotiated the cease-fire with the Taliban and the withdrawal of troops, he’s really wanted to invite their leaders to his estate. And now he has the chance.”

When questioned whether or not it was lawful or even a good idea to allow the Taliban into the country, Miller grew sarcastic.

“Here’s the thing, Governor DeSantis has already approved it. We don’t need the Biden Administration’s blessing. President Trump can invite anyone he wants to his properties. So we don’t expect and issues getting them into the country next month.”

No date has been set for the visit, although the former President’s team says he plans on inviting Henry Kissinger and Mike Pompeo to the event.

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