Morristown, NJ — As President Trump began his summer vacation at his New Jersey resort, he made an announcement that many of his supporters claim reveals the true location of former President Barak Obama’s birth certificate. As Mr. Trump made his way from the White House to the Marine One Helicopter, a reporter shouted a question about the upcoming Area 51 event in which thousands of conspiracy theorists plan on invading the secretive Nevada military base.

“They have all kinds of stuff there, let me tell you,” shouted Mr. Trump over the roar of the helicopter. “All kinds of secret things. Plans and documents. And let me tell you, the previous President doesn’t want you to know what’s there, that I can tell you.”

Brandy Andrews, the Associated Press pool reporter following the President to his Morristown resort, asked a follow-up question after Trump arrived in New Jersey.

The President Attempts to Clarify

“Mr. President, are you saying that President Obama has secret documents at Area 51? Like his birth certificate?”

“I’m not going to tell you exactly what I know, because I have seen things that most people can’t handle,” continued President Trump. “But let’s just say I was right like I am always am.”

As news of President’s comments reached his supporters, several “QAnon” activists attempted to translate Trump’s cryptic language. One 4chan user who goes by the name of ‘PhreekCon’ said he knows it’s about elites trying to keep their secrets, well, secret.

“What Trump is telling us, and what Q has been telling us for months now, is that Obama is going down. And that his real birth certificate is hidden at Area 51. The deep state is not afraid of activists finding aliens, and they’re afraid of we’ll discover things like their pedophile networks and Obama’s real documents. The storm is coming.”

Several Storm Area 51 groups on Facebook lit up with enthusiasm for this supposed claim.

“I knew there was more to it than aliens and spaceships,” said Rupert Daily a member of the Storm Area 51 Facebook group who plans on attending the September 20th event. “I’ve volunteered to go through all the filing cabinets to look for Obummers [sic] African birth certificate. The fight starts with me and others like me.”

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