Trump Creates New Line Of Flex Cuffs
Trump Creates New Line Of Flex Cuffs

New York, NY — The presumed Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump  is known for being crass and rude. But his business sense is paying off. Trump just created and released a new line of flex cuffs for use at the Mexican border. He has already sold over 8 million.

The flex cuffs are used in place of traditional handcuffs. They are made of hard plastic that cuts in to the wrists of illegal immigrants. Trump’s cuffs detects prisoner’s nationality and turns colors to help authorities identify where an illegal immigrant is from.

Border agent Samson Bordeaux, a guard in Laredo, Texas spoke to Gish Gallop about the new flex cuffs.

“These new cuffs are amazing. We used to have to beat them until they admitted they’re nationality,”  said Bordeaux. “Now we just cinch the cuffs and it does it all nice and easy”.

The flex cuffs are not available for civilian use. Yet.

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