Miami, FL — Just when you think the Trump campaign can’t sink any lower, they seem to find a way. There seems to be no topic too dark and no angle too deviant.

CNN analyst and Hispanic people’s champion, Ana Navarro is the newest target of the Trump campaign. The Drudge Report has published photos of Ms. Navarro that they say they received from a Trump campaign insider. The photos depict Ms. Navarro in erotic, pornographic, and compromising positions on vacation in the Gulf of Mexico.

“I can’t believe someone would do this to me,” cried Navarro to Washington Post writer, Aaron Blake. “These photos are a very personal and private part of my life. I am not running for office. The public doesn’t have the right to peer into my personal life.”

Navarro admitted that she did pose for these recently released pictures, but would not comment who took them.

“Yes, I did this. Yes, I am a Republican that enjoys the warm gulf air. So what?  Who gives this Trump the authority to violate my privacy?”

When asked why there were no Latino women with her in any of these photographs, Navarro replied, “What does that have anything to do with anything?”

The Drudge Report has yet to release the pictures and it is unclear at the time of this writing if it will.

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