Washington, DC¬†(AP) — A reporter for the Associated Press has come into possession of documentation indicating the extensive renovation work currently being carried out on the White House may include an unexpected alteration.

One of the White House’s lesser-known features is a subterranean bowling alley, built by President Nixon in 1969 under the driveway to the north portico. It is, in fact, the second such alley to be built at the White House and has become a favorite of both Presidents and staff alike, with President Bush, in particular, is known to have spent much of his time playing with then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld when not required for official duties.

The documents, which were handed to the reporter by one of the contractors approached to carry out the work, purport to show that President Trump plans to replace the bowling alley with a 12.5 million dollar high-tech indoor putting green capable of mimicking different green conditions by raising and lowering the turf via an array of computer-controlled hydrologic buried beneath the surface.

Along the 60 foot walls will be a series of floor to ceiling TV screens capable of displaying either photos or videos of the course being emulated to immerse the President in his practice.

It is well-known that President Trump is a fan of golf, often being criticized for the amount of time spent at his own resorts. With many increasingly questioning the cost of travel and accommodation being levied on the taxpayer. As a result, this change to the White House appears to compromise, allowing the President to pursue his passion without extensive and costly travel.

The AP approached the White House for comment on this story but has yet to receive an official response in writing. A source who asked to remain anonymous claims the work is already well underway with PGA Champion Jordan Spieth, a frequent visitor overseeing the construction. A regular sight at President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, Jordan is understood to have a similar practice green at his Dallas mansion. Mr. Spieth was unavailable for comment.

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