Traveling meat salesman Paul Sieben got his ass handed to him in Grass Valley, CA.
Traveling meat salesman Paul Sieben got his ass handed to him in Grass Valley, CA.

Grass Valley, CA — Traveling meat salesman Paul Sieben got a negative earful on Wednesday when he unsuccessfully went door-to-door attempting to get the residents of Rhode Island Street to buy his meat products. Mr. Sieben, who works for the Consolidated Meat Distributors, LLC has been selling meat out of the back of his Ford Taurus for over 12 years and recently decided to try the Nevada County territory.

“Boy that was rough,” said an exhausted Mr. Sieben. “This was my first time to Grass Valley, and it will probably be my last, I have to say. I’ve never had such a hard time selling these choice Omaha steaks. Do you have a freezer? I bet these would look great in yours.”

According to residents of the Rhode Island Street neighbor, Mr. Sieben would not take no for an answer and frequently asked them if “they had a deep freezer?” and “how much would you pay for a quality steak?” and “why get into your car and go to Safeway, when I can bring these choice Omaha steaks right into your garage?”

“This guy was driving through our neighborhood and stopped in front of my house,” said Lee¬†Corneys of Rhode Island Street. “You know, one of those meat from the trunk of a car guys came by after ‘delivering to my neighbor.’ Yeah, right. Anyhow, I lied and told him we were a vegan household. Got rid of him quick!”

One neighbor was openly hostile towards Mr. Sieben.

“This guy comes up to me and asks me how I like my Weber BBQ,” said a very agitated Melba Felder. “He must have looked over my fence before knocking on my door. So I threw one of my zucchinis at him and told him to go back to whatever flatland place he came from. What a jerk.”

As for Mr. Sieben, he says he’s only giving up on Nevada County, not the door-to-door meat selling business.

“I’m going back to Citrus Heights and Roseville,” continued a resigned Mr. Sieben. “They know quality choice Omaha steaks when they see them. I’ve never seen such hostility over meat as I did here in Grass Valley. The boys back at headquarters warned me. Now I know.”

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