Grass Valley, CA — There is a major debate in our country over which bathrooms transgender people should use. Some say they should use whichever gender bathroom that they identify with, while others feel they should use the restroom of their actual gender.

Tweety is a 7-year-old dog living with the Simpson family in Grass Valley, CA. Tweety was born a female but identified as a male. Ever since he was given a blue-collar at birth, he never identified as a female.

Tweety was involved in an altercation last week on Alta Street Tweety lifted his leg to do his business and was accosted by another dog as that tree was a “male” tree. Tweety was not injured but has been left confused and hurt.

The offender, a beagle harrier, named Brutus, spoke to Gish Gallop’s animal translator.

“Who the hell does she think she is peeing on our tree, what if my puppies were using that tree when she was there,” said Brutus, “She peed all over the roots, now we have to step in it to use the tree. She has no business there!”

There currently is no city or state law governing which restrooms must be used by transgender in the state of California.

Tweety is undergoing therapy for the incident at the male tree. There has been no word on his prognosis.

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