Lake of the Pines, CA — Recluse author Thomas Pynchon was spotted lounging on Lake of the Pines, California, presumably at his lake-side home. He was reading a book with headphones on. It is unclear why he chose to settle in the exclusive, gated community, but when approached for a comment, he said, “Get the f*@# off my did you get past the guards?”

Neighbors mentioned that he had moved in last month and said he was J.D. Salinger. But not everyone was convinced of this.

“I’m no idiot,” said recent Bay Area transplant Wes Ford. “Did you think I just fell off the wagon, tuna boat yesterday? Salinger has been dead a while. So I just figured it had to be Pynchon.”

Pynchon is also known for being very private; very few photographs of him have ever been published, and rumors about his location and identity have circulated since the 1960s. However, he is noted for his dense and complex novels. His fiction and nonfiction writings encompass a vast array of subject matter, styles, and themes, including (but not limited to) the fields of history, science, and mathematics. For his most praised novel, Gravity’s Rainbow, Pynchon won the 1974 U.S. National Book Award for Fiction.

“I’m gonna ask him about Gravity’s Rainbow when I get a second,” said neighbor Charles Cook. “That is if he’ll stop swearing at me.”

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