Adam Sandler is practicing his crazy mean face.
Adam Sandler is practicing his crazy mean face.

Hollywood, CA — Andrew Lincoln, star of AMC’s The Walking Dead announced on Sunday that he will not be resuming the role of Rick Grimes on the popular zombie apocalypse series for its seventh season, stating, “I got this incredible role to play in a delightful romantic comedy. Unfortunately, the shooting of this film will conflict with my commitment to The Walking Dead this season, and I have made my choice.”

Lincoln goes on to state that, “I’ll come back for season 8. I hope the writers are creative enough to get through a season without me having to do all the heavy lifting. Keep Rick Grimes off camera for a season, or make Steve (Yeun) (the guy who plays Glenn, the bad-ass Asian character in the show) step up and run the group, try to keep those pathetic characters alive.”

The writers have no such intent. “Yeah, we’ve written this entire season, front to back, and Rick Grimes is a MAJOR part of the unfolding plot, we aren’t going to wait for Mr. Lincoln,” states a very angry Robert Kirkman. “I have no choice but to sub somebody in to fill the role. After many, many auditions I am sad to say that only Adam Sandler could really play a convincing Rick Grimes.”

Andrew Lincoln commented to Gish Gallop by phone, “If there has to be a face to be a sort of place-holder for Andrew Lincoln’s face, I think that Mr. Sandler is an excellent choice. Let’s face it, Rick Grimes is the most important part of the show. If he goes, the show goes.”

Explains Chandler Riggs, actor who portrays Carl Grimes, on-screen 12 year old son of Rick Grimes, “I don’t think much will change with [Adam] Sandler being Rick Grimes. Sandler has the same drive and the same sense of humor that Andrew Lincoln does. I would be a little surprised if anybody even notices that he isn’t Andy [Lincoln].”

Norman Reedus, or ‘Daryl’, a favorite character on the show has declined to comment on Adam Sandler filling in as Rick Grimes. When asked by Gish Gallop if he knew how the substituting of the main character, Rick Grimes would work out with Adam Sandler taking the role, Reedus simply nodded his head and toked his joint, while slamming his North San Juan yurt-flap closed.

As for the ‘delightful’ movie Andrew Lincoln will be starring in, therefore probably ruining The Walking Dead forever, it will be filmed out in Rough and Ready, CA.

As of this writing, Adam Sandler is practicing his crazy mean face. And, I am pretty sure producer Scott Gimple is having a heart attack, which if it kills him, could make him a star on his very own show, The Walking Dead.

The new season of The Walking Dead featuring Adam Sandler will air in October, 2017.

Adam Sandler is best known for his performances in stand-up comedy and some thing he did on SNL.

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