San Francisco, CA “We are declaring war on George Soros,” says APART militia leader Rob Remus, speaking to a small gathering of “patriots” inside a small dingy motel room in Lombard.

With his grizzled mustache, tight Wrangler jeans and black leather cowboy hat, Remus is in a better mood than usual after a presidential election he warned would be “rigged for Hillary.”

“The election was rigged!” he snapped at me when I broached the subject again. “Killary won the popular vote because of illegals millions of ’em! Thank God for the wisdom and foresight of our founding fathers.”

One month before this same man told me the Electoral College was “outdated” and “a Goddamn joke.”

Remus and his APART cohorts are convinced billionaire activist George Soros is funding and supervising the nationwide protests against Donald Trump and has a globalist agenda to eliminate all national borders and install socialist governments based on extreme left ideologies.

“President Donald J. Trump cannot do this alone,” he tells a mix of young and middle-aged men gathered inside the hot, cramped room. “If we follow these seven simple steps, we can restore the republic and stop this sick son of a b*tch.”

Remus begins to unveil APART’s official  7-Point Plan to Defeat George Soros (#7PP2DGS), a plan he says was developed after years of painstaking research with help from the Rundex Family Foundation (RFD) based out of Palo Alto. “I’ve been studying Islam for 15 years,” he said, “I have a four-inch-thick Quran.”

Here are the seven pillars of Remus’ plan summed up:

  1. Declare war on George Soros. “Let that son of a bitch know who he’s f*cking with,” said Remus with an almost Clint Eastwood-esqe delivery.
  2. Form APART extensions “all over the Goddamn world.”
  3. Urge already established militia groups to recruit and train “patriot warriors” that are excited about Trump’s victory and are willing to “get their hands dirty.”
  4. Establish “patriot Zones” inside the U.S that puts “our brothers” under protection from “defectors.”
  5. Put “emergency missions into action immediately.” While Remus was a bit vague, those most pressing concerns appeared to be “idiot protesters,” and “police departments unwilling to adapt and carry out Mr. Trump’s deportation plans.”
  6. Recruit and deploy APART extensions to patrol the southern border “until the wall is completed.”
  7. Infiltrate all Muslim “No-Go Zones” and arrest all members, followers and propagandists of: The Muslim Brotherhood, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, the NAACP and “any other radicalized group or individuals” that somehow “slip through the cracks” during Trump’s presidency.

Remus became more inebriated and agitated as the hour-long presentation wore on (he plowed through almost an entire 12-pack of Milwaukee’s Best), slurring his words and rambling on incoherently about “liberal college professors” and “social justice warriors.”

It’s here I decide I’ve had enough and tell the guys I will follow up with them over the phone and through social media.

I never did receive any official declaration or published report as promised. Rob also seemed confused when I told him he could have live-streamed his entire presentation over the internet.

“These men are American heroes,” says APART’s “communications director,” John Lanza. “It has been an honor to serve alongside such brave men.” Lanza couldn’t make the Frisco trip due to a legal matter back home but promises to “kick some commie ass” soon.

APART’s “dark horse” Del Wilkes, who also missed the #7PP2DGS unveiling due to legal matters, hopes to be a free man in time for Trump’s 2nd inauguration. “I’ll be there, if not in body than in spirit,” Del says if carried out correctly, the 7-point plan could eradicate George Soros’ influence in less than two years and worldwide within Trump’s first term. “All the pieces are there. We have to put ’em together.”

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