Cowardly Lion in "Wizard of Oz"
Cowardly Lion in “Wizard of Oz”

Edgerton, KS — Sad news broke today that  beloved childhood character, The Cowardly Lion, was killed today by sport trophy hunters. The Cowardly Lion was best known for his role in “The Wizard Of Oz”, filmed in 1939.

Witnesses say that two men carrying high power rifles walked in to the Last Days Nursing Home in Edgerton, KS and shot the Cowardly Lion as he lay in bed.

“These men all wearing military type clothing and all smelling of stale beer and beef jerky, came running in through the front door,”  said witness Juanita Reyes, RN,  about the killing. “They knew right where to go. They walked in and just killed him. They picked his body up and all posed for pictures before leaving. They carried him out whooping and yelling.”

Kansas Fish and Game told Gish Gallop that no charges will be filed. The hunters had legal permits and paid a large fee for the rights to kill the Cowardly Lion. They went on to say that it was good for the species, population control is important. Killing the infirm and elderly lions benefits them.

The Cowardly Lion was 94 years old. A memorial will be held at Billy Joe Renoldo’s home where the Cowardly Lion has been stuffed and is on display.

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