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Canada Considers Replacing Maple Leaf with Gravy Ladle

A group of Canadian nationalists are petitioning the government in Ottawa to replace the maple leaf on the Canadian flag with something more representative of the Great White North.

Denis Leary to Tour with Newly Discovered Bill Hicks Jokes

American comedian Denis Leary announced that he would embark on his first comedy tour in over 15 years after he recently discovered a vault containing over 3000 unused Bill Hicks jokes.

Community Says A Tearful Goodbye To Beloved Pothole

Our nation's infrastructure has been falling apart for decades, especially our roads. As money is finally infused in to road budgets, potholes are finally patched.

Armed Militia Battle Anti-Trump Protesters in Portland

Members of an armed militia group from rural Virginia calling themselves APART, were detained by police over night after the group took it upon themselves to “arrest” and “detain” several anti-Trump protesters from the newly formed activist group “Portland’s Resistance."

Area Man Attempts to Navigate Wife’s Purse

Recent Vacaville, CA transplant Tommy Empire attempted to search for his car keys in his wife's purse on Saturday with no success.

ISIS Finds Indiana’s Political Climate Hopeful

A spokesman for the designated terrorist group ISIS announced Monday that the extremist group is pleased with the political developments in Indiana.

Jeff Bezos Releases Photos of Tesla’s Starman Mars Arrival

Jeff Bezo's Blue Origin Blue Moon Interstellar Explorer released exclusive photos of SpaceX Starman's arrival on Mars.

QAnon Struggles to Portray Jill Biden as a Man

The far-right conspiracy group is having trouble libeling and slandering Jill Biden.


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