July, 2022

Tag: motherhood

Kellyanne Conway Nominated for 2021 Mother of the Year Award

The former White House advisor, campaign manager, and model mother will receive conservatism's highest award.


Local Roaster to Sell Poop-Processed Celebrity Coffee

Long-time Nevada City resident, entrepreneur and coffee aficionado Sarah Benfer is opening the Nation's first "human processed" coffee roaster featuring celebrities.

Area Town Fears It Only Exists in David Lynch’s Imagination

Famous film director and writer David Lynch speculated that he invented the small California Central Valley town of Farmersville.

Wolf Blitzer Advises Against Seeing Your Barber

CNN's Chief Anchor thinks getting your hair done is an unnecessary risk.

Teenager Informs Family that it is Time to Leave

15-year-old Kevin Thomas of Grass Valley abruptly informed his family on Wednesday that he "was ready to go home" from their outing at the Yuba River.

The Flat Earth Society to Fight the Coronavirus

The Flat Earth Society has a plan to rid Earth of the novel Coronavirus.