June, 2022

Tag: freedumb

Idiot Exclaims: “I’m oppressed! Just watch them arrest me for storming the Oval Office.”

He was overheard shouting "Let's go Brandon" moments before being tackled by Secret Service personnel.


Local Millennial Installs Bidets in Company Restrooms

Area millennial technology worker Brent Underwood took it upon himself late last week to replace all of his company's toilet seats with automatic bidet "butt washers," Gish Gallop has learned.

Trump Offers Free Helicopter Ocean Rides for BLM/ANTIFA Protesters

After watching a History Channel documentary, President Trump came up with a final solution to the BLM/ANTIFA problem.

Trump Says Burned West Coast Trees Were “Asking for It”

An open mic caught the President speaking about trees.

Elon Musk Mulls Buying And Deleting Facebook

Tech titan Elon Musk made global headlines when he deleted the official SpaceX and Tesla pages from Facebook. Musk clarified he did so because Facebook gives him “the willies.

Republicans Take Aim at Health Care

Pew-Pew! Will it be hit or miss this time?