July, 2022

Tag: Email Server

Trump Buys Clinton Email Server To Store Hospital COVID Data

In a late-night impulse purchase, President Trump bought Hillary Clinton's old email server.


Invisible Chemtrails Next Terrifying Weapon in Geoengineering

In what anti-chemtrail activists are calling a disturbing and terrifying development, sky observers from the Redding, CA-based Chemtrail Action Network or CAN say they have evidence that the government and its corporate sponsors have created nearly invisible chemtrails.

Lindsey Graham to Defend Trump in ‘Honor Duel’ With Marianne Williamson

When Ms. Williamson found out about the duel, rather than criticizing or dismissing it, she embraced it in her unique way.

Leaked Photos Reveal Young Tom Brady’s Love of Badminton

According to Brady, he began playing Badminton in his backyard secretly at an early age.

State Dept Urges Americans To Flee United States

In a surprise announcement, the State Department is urging Americans to leave the country as soon as possible.

The Military Isn’t Socialism, Claims Man with Government Military Job

A career Army man at Fort Hood says he hates socialism.