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Clinton Campaign Announces New Slogan

The Clinton campaign has finally settled on a new slogan.

Terror Strikes as Clowns Repeatedly Found Sleeping in People’s Cars

The nation is a little panicked and "freaked out" as people across the country have been opening their trunks only to find "spooky" clowns sleeping in them.

Report: Donald Trump’s Twitter Run By Angry Orangutan With Tourette Syndrome

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- The Donald Trump presidential campaign confirmed this morning that the alleged billionaire's Twitter account has been run since its creation by an angry orangutan with Tourette Syndrome. For years, the...

Donald Trump Claims 10 Billion Illegal Immigrants Voted For Hillary Clinton, And That He Has Cured AIDS

In a blast of tweets Sunday afternoon, President-Elect Donald Trump raised eyebrows all over the country by seemingly implying that the election he himself won was fraught with voter fraud.

Size Matters: Hillary Clinton Discusses Trump’s Member

Hillary Clinton made reference to Donald Trump's member today at a larger-than-average rally in Costa Mesa, CA this afternoon.

Virginia Militia Member Detained Outside of Danville Golden Corral

As the founder and leader of the patriot militia group APART (Armed Patriots Against Radical Terrorists), Rob Remus has a natural distrust not only for Hillary Clinton, but also at times, the police.

Pardoned White House Turkey Commits Suicide

The annually pardoned White House turkey sadly committed suicide this week under curious circumstances.

Donald Trump Pens Children’s Book: Good Night, Moron

In a novel twist on the glut of presidential candidate/authors, Donald Trump has announced the release of a children's book titled Good night, Moron that will challenge the nation's children to not be morons and losers.

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