Irvine, CA — America’s favorite Mexican food restaurant Taco Bell released a 275 calorie Cesar Chavez Salad Bowl this week in honor of the famous civil rights activist. The salad bowl will hopefully strike joy in Taco Bell’s customers, company officials said. Although since its release, it’s met with protests and calls for its immediate removal from the menu.

“We wanted to let the community know that we care about our immigrant communities,” said Taco Bell spokesperson Bethany Millbright speaking from the Irvine, CA corporate headquarters. “We put a lot of thought into this menu item. There was a significant amount of collective bargaining among the marketing staff and extensive testing by what we call our Delano strike team.”

The Cesar Chavez Salad features both familiar and a few new and exciting ingredients not typically found in a fast-food salad. A quick list of the top five ingredients includes non-union iceberg lettuce and grapes, and organic almonds, sunflower seeds, and something called “migrant worker tears.”

“Freshness and health was our topmost concern,” continued Ms. Millbright. “That’s why you’ll find only the best ingredients grown in the California Central Valley.”

Conservative activists like Penn Valley, CA’s Brock Whalen, have called for a boycott of Taco Bell and its subsidiary companies.

“It’s obvious to us that Taco Bell has taken an abrupt and aggressive turn to the Left,” said Mr. Whalen speaking from his Penn Valley gated community home. “Cesar Chavez was a communist and an ungrateful rabble-rouser of illegal aliens. He and his ilk should have just been happy to have had jobs and not complained.”

Immigrant rights groups, along with the ACLU, released a statement condemning the new menu item as “insensitive and exploitive of the class struggles many migrant workers face today.” And that it “makes a mockery of the extraordinary sacrifices made by Mr. Chavez and thousands of underrepresented United Farm Workers union members.”

When asked about the criticism, Ms. Millbright bristled.

“We respect everyone, and we believe that there are some groups out there who are simply misinterpreting our new Cesar Chavez Salad Bowl. We welcome everyone to try it and see for yourself. Mr. Chavez is a champion of the human spirit, just like the salad bowl named after him.”

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