Farid Hassan

Somewhere in Southern Europe — In a show of solidarity with recent gun violence in the United States, Syrian refugees have taken to overlaying their Facebook profiles with American flags. News traveled fast today of multiple shootings across the United States involving multiple victims. Syrian refugees, no strangers to random and horrific violence, wanted to show their support for the multiple gun tragedies unfolding in the United States.

The movement was accidentally started when California comedian Keith Lowell Jensen quipped on his Facebook page that the rest of the world need not worry that “we’re just shooting ourselves again. It’s a thing we do. No need to American Flag your FB profile pics.”


“It’s just horrible what’s happening to innocent people in the United States,” said Syrian chemical engineer Farid Hassan in a Skype interview with Gish Gallop. Mr. Hassan helped organize the American Flag overlay in Greece. “We know this violence and have great compassion for the people of the United States. We understand there is not much we can do from here given our situation, but we can show solidarity towards the suffering victims and their families.”

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