Adult Treats
Some sample adult treats.

Grass Valley, CA — In an 11th hour decision, the Nevada County Board of supervisors approved the distribution of adult treats on Halloween.

After a lengthy filibuster against approval by outgoing Supervisor Nate Beason, the board voted 5 to 2 in favor of allowing adult county residents to hand out revelry packages to other adults on All Hallows Eve. The idea was championed by the rest of the board, who thought county residents might enjoy a little light-hearted fun, make some new friends, and start their weekend off with a bang.

“We work hard here in Nevada County to pay our bills and care for our families,” said former Fairgrounds CEO and District 2 Supervisor Ed Scofield.  “It’s high time that we took a few moments for ourselves from our dreary workaday lives. Well, this supervisor hears you loud and clear!”

When asked about the parameters of the plan, Supervisor Scofield replied, “all homes participating in the adult treat program will be required to have a green light on or near the front door of their dwelling. This will signify their participation to those out roaming the streets in search of Hallowfavorsa new expression I am proud to have coined. Additionally, adults wishing to collect Hallowfavors must be sporting some sort of costume.”

Mr. Scofield went on to say, “being that this is the first year for the Hallowfavors program, the board decided that we should set a standard to be met by each home participating in the program. Each Hallowfavor pack should contain two (2) fine buds weighing at least two (2) grams each, one (1) bottle of Newcastle brown ale, two (2) fun size Snickers bars, and two (2) Rollo minis. This will keep everyone on a level playing field and help to curb any animosity or bad feelings from those who might feel slighted or outdone.”

When I asked Mr. Scofield if the board felt that the handing out of intoxicants might lead to unrest in the streets, he smirked and said, “everyone in Nevada County has already got a snoot full by 2:30 on a Saturday. Why should this program change anything?”

For the very small percentage of county people who wish to join in the fun but don’t stockpile their own Hallowfavors, the board will be selling starter kits at the Rood Center from 3pm Friday until noon Saturday. The proceeds will be used to offset attorney fees that seem to be piling up around various board members.

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