Oceanside, CA — A new study released by the Palo Alto-based Rundex Family Foundation has many beer drinkers up in arms this morning. The Institute studied beer drinkers to see who exhibited ‘more asshole like tendencies’ compared to what kind of beer they drink.

The study overwhelmingly revealed that IPA drinkers are the biggest group of assholes.

IPA or India Pale Ale is a ‘hoppy’ [as in from hops] beer style within the broader category of pale ales. The term ‘pale ale’ originally denoted an ale brewed from pale malt. Among the first brewers known to export beer to India was Englishman George Hodgson’s Bow Brewery on the Middlesex-Essex border in England. George was also known to be an asshole.

According to the Rundex study, IPA drinkers are more likely to diagonally double park and have American Civil War-like manicured beards. They exhibit a ‘know it all’ attitude and call everyone “Bro.”

They are also known to be assholes to anyone that doesn’t like the band Nickelback.

We took this new information to Oceanside, CA to a local watering hole the Oside Sports Bar to see what patrons thought about the findings.

Bar regular Jonathon Tinker spoke to us about IPA drinkers.

“Those assholes? With their skinny jean’s and flannels? Assholes every one of them,” said Jonathon.

IPA drinker Eric Allen refuted Jonathan’s comments.

“We just love real beer not that piss water they drink. So what if I double park? It doesn’t make me an asshole, I don’t want my Wrangler to get scratched bro,” said Eric.

The study was done with a + or – 99% accuracy, with a margin of error of +/- 4%. The sample size was 36,000 participants across 27 States.

The full Rundex study can be found at the Broad Street Beacon website.

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